Terms of Use

1. The International Trade Union Travel Card, which is helping to relaunch tourism after the Covid pandemic, serves a dual purpose:

1./1 It intends to provide the most favorable booking conditions for trade union members.

1./2 Helps hotels relaunch by providing them with direct contact with one of the most valuable target groups*, union members.

* The 200 million union members, along with their family members, spend multiple hundreds of millions of nights a year in hotels. 


2./1. The promotional code required to take advantage of the extra benefits can be published by hotels on our website for free.

2./2. A Trade Union Card is required to log in to tradeunioncard.com. After log-in, cardholders can find out about the promotional codes for hotels, which they must provide when booking to take advantage of the discounts.

2./3. After learning the code, we will redirect the cardholders to the hotel’s own website.

2./4. Room reservations are made on the hotel's own website.

2./5. The hotels have no obligation to pay any commission after the bookings have been made.


3./1. Increase the number of visitors on the own web pages of hotels and hotel chains that guarantee the best hotel rates on their own website.

3./2. The operator of www.tradeunioncard.com (hereinafter referred to as Operator) and the hotels and hotel chains registered at www.tradeunioncard.com, (hereinafter referred to as Partner hotel) agree that the presence of the Partner hotel on www.tradeunioncard.com serves the business interests of both parties, and facilitates the establishment of long-term relationships between the stakeholders concerned.


4./1. The partner hotel can upload the information they want to present at the website at https://www.tradeunioncard.com/x5/  site. The partner hotel takes the responsibility that the information presented will be updated regularly.

4./2. The partner hotel can delete the information provided at https://www.tradeunioncard.com/x5/ at any time or discontinue their publication.

4./3. The Operator assumes no responsibility for the validity of the information published by the partner hotel.


5./1. Hotels signing up for www.tradeunioncard.com must meet only one requirement: Holders of "TRADE UNION CARD" should be given some kind of discount (discount and / or small gift service) when booking on their website! The nature of "kindness" can be determined by each hotel.

5./2. Presentation of the partner hotel on www.tradeunioncard.com is free of charge.

5./3. There may be other business agreements between the Operator and Partner hotels. Eg being involved in an Affiliate Program. The terms and conditions concerned are included in a separate agreement.

5./4. Registered hotels will become searchable through the search engine of the site. From this page, after selecting a hotel, the visitor will be directed to the hotel’s own website.

5./5. All reservations will be made directly at the selected hotel’s own website.

6. General terms

6./1. In the event of a serious breach of contract, either party may terminate the agreement with immediate effect.

6./1./a. The Operator is considered to be in a serious breach of contract if the Partner hotel's basic information is not displayed correctly in the public and password-protected areas of www.tradeunioncard.com.

6./1./b. Publishing false information on the website by a Partner Hotel is considered a serious breach of contract.

This document was last updated on May 20, 2021

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